Skooter MAKE User Guide

About MAKE

MAKE lets engineers attach precise manufacturing information to SketchUp models, and create data for CNC machining, shop drawings and material requirements. MAKE lets engineers use the methods most appropriate for the task at hand, from free construction for custom work to fully parametric products and anything in between.

MAKE is easy to learn and has an open data model that gives you true flexibility and control, whether you engineer using 32 mm construction or traditional joinery. An "object-oriented" approach to modeling lets you create your own libraries reusable building block components to speed up engineering, apply consistent construction standards, and reduce errors.

MAKE comes with a library 3D hardware with embedded machining operations and sample assemblies and parts for learning.

Introductory Video


1. About SketchUp

If you're new to SketchUp start here to get general information and links to SketchUp learning resources.

2. Getting Started

Install SketchUp, activate your MAKE license, check for updates, and get familiar with the MAKE menus.

3. Working with Assemblies and Parts

Learn the basic rules about creating assemblies and machine-ready parts.

4. Working with Operations

Learn how to attach machining operations to your parts and assemblies.

5. Working with Hardware

Learn how to attach machining operations to hardware components.

6. Working with Jigs

Learn about Jigs: reusable parametric components that can combine drilling, milling and hardware building blocks.

7. Exporting Data

Learn about exporting data for CNC program generation and bills of materials.

8. Importing and Exporting Geometry

You can import and export geometry with various CAD programs. Learn when it's best to import and when it's best to model from scratch.

9. Working with Imported Solid Models

Learn how to work with imported 3D solid models from programs such as SolidWorks, Inventor, Pro E, Solid Edge etc.

10. Using MAKE with LayOut

Learn how to use SketchUp's companion program LayOut to create annotated and dimensioned multi-view shop drawings.

11. Exporting MAKE models to FLOW

Learn how to add configuration variables to products and then validate and upload models to FLOW.

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